o f f l i n e



          only on opposite day, short stop.

—— ‘very funny, ya should become a comedian.



   “… That red streak in your hair.”

expression changes into a frown, before digits were
groping on the red colored strand.
—— ‘and what’s wrong with it?

—— ‘whatcha lookin’ at?


l e p u s x .

              indie kirishima touka                         mature content
             semi-private && semi-active              para && novella && 1-liners
             singleship && singleverse                  gmt+1 && flexible
             oc- & x-over selective                         mun is very friendly
             new in the fandom                             will tag any mature content

                                                 written by cho



          i saw somethin’ that reminded me of you today,
             ——— but then i flushed and everything went back to normal.


—— ‘is that a pickup line, ol’ man?’


     affiliated naoto shirogane blog (open role play group) ; selective follows ;
     mutli-verse and selective multi-ship chemistry development is key ; offers
     naoto in any timeline: canon naoto, shadow naoto, older!naoto (age varies
     from 18 and over) ; multi-para to novella role plays ; uses icons but can
     portray without icons ; triggers are presented and tagged ; selective smut ;
     mun is friendly but shy ; genres portrayed include sfw, nsfw (triggers),
     selective paranormal, selective romance, any other genres ; prefers plotting

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   ( throws a pie back in ur face )

[ooc;] is that cheesecake? oh ya know my favorite tastes, bro!


Plot # 24 : Light My Candle

Muse A has recently moved into a new place - a cozy apartment in a 6-story apartment building. Muse B lives across the hall and has resided in the building for the past 2 years. Apart from a few casual conversations on the walk up to their floor or brief meetings at the mailbox, Muse A and Muse B haven’t gotten the chance to get to know each other. Muse A definitely wants to see more of their neighbor though. Muse B is kind, funny, and sexy in Muse A’s eyes; Muse B’s just not very good at hinting whether or not they’re attracted to Muse A back. When the power goes out throughout the building, on a particularly warm night, Muse A quickly sets out some candles to light their home, but they realize that they don’t have any matches to light them (and their stove only works on electrical power). Seeing a bit of an opportunity there, Muse A heads over to Muse B’s apartment and asks for assistance.